hydroponics in-depth

There are many good sources of information about hydroponic gardening, the different types of hydroponic gardening, advantages, disadvantages, etc…
Here we share our implementation of Hydroponic Gardening and our purpose for engaging in the future of produce.

Hydroponic Advantages:

  • 90% less water required

  • 75% less space required

  • 2x faster growth

  • Higher vitamin content

  • Year Round production

  • Higher and more reliable yield

  • Pesticide and herbicide free plants.

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Seeds are planted in a environmentally friendly grow medium. This medium is specially formulated to reduce water loss through evaporation, naturally resist bacteria and mold growth, and simplifies the harvesting process.

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Once planted the seeds stay in a single container till harvest. They are given water and nutrients via the computer control system. Artificial light light is provided at controlled intervals. All this culminates to produce healthy plants at a predictable growth rate.

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Plants are harvested with roots intact. The entire plant is pulled and immediately immersed in cool water. By harvesting the roots nothing is left behind. Additionally this process greatly improves the storage life after harvest.