Fields of Green

Fields of Green, is a 15,000 sq/ft indoor hydroponic garden producing fresh, crisp, flavorful lettuce. Our amazing greens are rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients. They are safe, bacteria-free greens that have extended storage life.


Our Hydroponic Process

Hydroponic gardening is a clean, safe, and effective way to grow more food in less space. We use 90% less water than traditional growing methods, with a higher yield of healthy, bacteria-free, plants.

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We plant our seeds into an all natural grow media with a nutrient rich environment for faster growth.


Seed to harvest is 30 days. Our advanced computer control systems water twice daily, supply nutrients, and monitor moisture levels. Our unique energy efficient LED lighting system provides the ideal spectrum for enhanced growth.

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We harvest the entire plant, roots intact, and immerse it in cool water to preserve the nutrients.
Each plant is then carefully packed for delivery.


We deliver within 24 hours of harvesting, which eliminates the risk of damage caused by refrigeration during transportation and storage. Produce arrives fresh and crisp with roots intact to enure extended storage life.